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Nourishing the healthy food season
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Nourishing the healthy food season

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Sunshine western restaurant,hotel silk road,datang city. It's not just a western restaurant.It's not just the cafeteria. It focuses on nourishing the health. It's your professional nutritionist.
Sunshine western restaurant,hotel silk road,datang city.
It's not just a western restaurant.
It's not just the cafeteria.
It focuses on nourishing the health.
It's your professional nutritionist.
Chef's advice:
In the middle of winter,the weather is getting colder,affecting the body's endocrine system.
To increase secretion of thyroxine and epinephrine in human body,accelerate protein,
The decomposition of three major types of heat source nutrients in fat and carbohydrate to increase muscle.
The body's ability to protect the cold,thus causing the body heat loss too much.As a result,
Winter repair should be mainly to increase heat energy.Can eat dog,beef,mutton,
Chicken,venison,fish and shrimp,quail,pigeon,sea cucumber,milk,beans and rich.
Foods that contain carbohydrates and fats to ensure a good supply of protein.
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